About AvyRescue.com

The information on this site was distilled from the best-practices in avalanche rescue. My sources include the International Commission for Alpine Rescue, the Mountain Rescue Association, the Wilderness Medical Society, various manufactures of avalanche rescue equipment, and input from dozens of mountain rescuers and avalanche instructors. If you think that I've missed something, please contact me.

I am a software entrepreneur, a part-time ski patroller at Brighton Ski Resort in Utah, a former member of the Salt Lake County Search and Rescue Team, a professional member of the American Avalanche Association, and an avalanche educator. As a rescuer, I have responded to dozens of avalanches and have been involved in the recovery of 11 avalanche victims. I created AvyRescue.com to share what I've learned.

Stay Safe,

Steve Achelis

DISCLOSURE: I earn commissions from qualifying sales when you use advertising links on my websites. The commissions are meager and clearly not my motivation, but they do provide a little justification for the hours I spend in front of my computer rather than skiing.