Avalanche Rescue Overview

Avalanche accidents are confusing, tearful experiences. Executing a successful rescue requires that you control your emotions and focus on the rescue. A successful rescue begins before you leave the trailhead and continues until the rescuers and victim are safely in the frontcountry.

The keys to a successful rescue are training and practice, training and practice, and training and practice. Don't postpone it any longer. Get together with your buddies and practice. If the shit hits the fan and your friend or lover is beat up and buried, your training will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

The following pages explain the tasks that should take place before you leave the trailhead and during and immediately after an avalanche, how to search an avalanche using an avalanche transceiver, how to locate the victim using an avalanche probe, and how to extricate the victim using a shovel. You should also take an avalanche course and read a good avalanche book.